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Part B Medicare Part B Return: How Do These Medicare Advantage Plans Work?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Several Medicare Advantage plans are announcing the partial return of the Medicare Part B premium. Values ​​in South Florida range from $100 to $120. This means that the premium payment of $170.10 is reduced to $70.10 or up to $50.10 per month. How is this benefit received? The insurance company pays directly to Social Security, in such a way that the person who receives a Social Security pension, sees his monthly payment increased by the amount of the return of the Part B premium. The person who is not a pensioner and receives a quarterly payment from Social Security will see their bill reduced by the amount of the Part B return. Medicare Advantage plans that return part of the Part B premium generally have fewer benefits than plans that do not return the premium. For example: They may have a higher copay with specialist doctors, and with medications. They may also have copays for other services such as hospital charges. The recommendation is to analyze your particular health situation and evaluate the convenience of registering with these plans.

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